What are the best TV shows to watch right now?

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Recently a few of my all time favourite TV shows — The Good Wife and Person of Interest — ended long runs, leaving me a bit sad and empty. Luckily there are always new shows to take the place of the ones that left us. So, what's TV's Best of the Best right now? I'll give you my personal list:

1. The Americans

The Americans just finished a very strong fourth season and even though this show is pretty much ignored during award season, there is no other show that deserves more to be at the top of any best TV shows list. The series gives us a view of suburban family life in the eighties plus exciting spy stuff. It revolves around two KGB agents that pose as American travel agents in Washington D.C. The suspense is killing at times and the performances are stellar.

2. Veep

Veep is absolutely the best comedy on TV right now. Currently in its fifth season, it provides a very cynical - but some say more realistic than you would hope for - look on American politics. Veep is a fast, snappy and hilarious satire that follows the day to day business of Vice President Selena Meyer and her incompetent staff as they try to get her elected as President.

3. Game of Thrones

Winter is here! The show that everybody is talking about is indeed must-see TV. With a production budget the size of a small countries' GNP, it's a feast for the eye. I've heard people say: 'No, the fantasy genre is not for me' but believe me, GoT is for everybody! Every season new and exciting places and characters enter this realm. But, be prepared for some devastating twists as the writers don't hesitate to kill off fan favourites.

4. Orange is The New Black

OiTNB started as a show about Piper Chapman, a middle class blonde that was sent to prison for a trafficking crime she committed as a student. Gradually it evolved into this rich character show about the women occupying the prison. Get ready for some heartbreaking backstories about how they ended up there. Season four is now available on Netflix and it's the best season to date.

5. Narcos

Narcos is full of violence but it serves a purpose; it really brings you into the - pretty sick - mind of Pablo Escobar, the most notorious drug trafficker of our times. It's funny and violent, a combination most of us have come to love ever since Pulp Fiction hit the theatres. The voiceover of Boyd Holbrook's Steve is pure parody.

6. The Leftovers

Pretentious, incomprehensible and slow is how some people would describe 'The Leftovers'. I would say: intruiging, mysterious and one of the best TV shows right now! The Leftovers is getting better with every episode. If you get through the first season, I'm sure you'll be as hooked as I am. Can't wait for the final season to start but I don't expect them to wrap it up explaining the mysteries that are the core of this show. That's ok though. Big plus: you get to see Jennifer Aniston's husband in the flesh a lot.

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